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My clinic receives Title X funds and I am confused about when I can count males in my clinic as Title X users. Our clinic sees males for various reasons and to my knowledge their visits are not currently paid for or subsidized by Title X. If a male comes in for STD screening/treatment or any other reason, does he get counted as a Title X user?

Every client who walks through the door of a clinic that receives Title X funds is a potential Title X user. Regardless of why a client initially walks in the door and how his visit gets paid for, if he receives family planning services [services that help achieve a desired pregnancy (e.g., repr... More>>>

A question I am frequently asked is: “My partner has been diagnosed with HPV/cervical/CA. She has had her cervix frozen. Can I reinfect her? What should I do?”

What advice would you give the male partners of women with high grade HPV and abnormal paps who have been treated?

Even if treated, the type(s) of HPV that cause external warts in the male (e.g. that providers can visualize) may not be the same wart type(s) that cause high grade cervical changes in the female. It is difficult to isolate HPV infection in the male from the urethra or other locations.
&nb... More>>>

How do you suggest I counsel a young adult male patient for STI risk reduction?

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends moderate- to high-intensity behavioral counseling in the clinic setting to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for all sexually active persons.1One example of such a counseling approach would be to schedule two separate 20-m... More>>>

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